Monday, March 21, 2016


                                             DOC HOLLIDAY'S
141 Avenue A, NYC
HOURS: Open 7 days a week 12pm-4am since 1994

SCHEDULE WEEK:  March 21-27th

AM Christina
PM  Nicole

AM Tory
PM  Julia

AM Laura 
PM Christina

AM Nicole
PM  Laura

AM Joanna
PM Christina & Nicole

AM Joanna (Eddie's Birthday Party at 5pm...)
PM Julia & Laura

AM Christina
PM Tory

 Doc Holliday's Regular of the week: EDDIE GOLDMAN
The Drink Special: THE E.G. 
Anything Eddie wants, buy one get one free his entire birthday week for the one and only EDDIE G.


1. Where did you grow up?

I was born in Brooklyn. I went to grades K-12 in the Lynbrook public school system in Long Island. At age 18, I returned to New York from exile to go to Columbia for undergrad and NYU for grad work, and have lived in Manhattan ever since, save for a couple of years in Da Bronx. I turn 67 on March 22. (PARTY AT DOC HOLLIDAY'S SATURDAY at 5pm...) But what makes you think I have grown up?

2. What was your first experience with alcohol?

Probably when I was about 12, and I asked my father for a taste of his beer. I hated it, so I didn't return to this wonderful elixir until I was 19 (legal drinking age in New York in them days was 18). The rest is history, although my best drinking days are in the rear-view mirror.

3. What was your first experience at Doc's?

Around 15 years ago, when my beer drinking was mainly done on the Upper West Side, I decided I needed to find a new bar to frequent. There was no real social media then, so I checked various web sites and forums, including the innovative but now dormant The results were unanimous: Joanna was the best bartender in the world. 

Skeptic that I am, I decided to check out Doc's one night when she was working, but when I got there stood back a bit from the very busy bar to see what all the fuss was about. Sure enough, her feisty interaction with the drinkers who were lined up for more wonderfully added to the friendly, rowdy atmosphere that makes bars great.

As I approached the bar to buy a beer, never having met or spoken with Joanna before, she smiled and said loudly, "Eddie!" She knew me both from the NYCBP page, where I used to post a lot, and a film in which I had been narrator, "The Smashing Machine". I've never looked back since.

4. What's your favorite jukebox song?

Sung by David Allan Coe and written with the late Steve Goodman, "You Never Even Called Me By Your Name", which should be part of a Doc Holliday's tutorial for all these youngun's now drinking beer there to learn all the words and sing along:

David Allan Coe - You Never Even Called Me by My Name

5. What's your favorite Doc Holliday's story?

That I can tell? I've had lots of get-togethers at Doc's for my birthday and just to hang out with people over the years. But my fondest memory was one night in 2005 when I came in to drink alone. A few months earlier, I had had a medical problem which had landed me in the emergency room. It took me a couple of months to recover and adjust, and I had cut back virtually all running around except for seeing doctors. But I finally had an event to attend, and afterward I decided to return to Doc's. It was a normal, peaceful night, but just sitting there under my own power with a beer and listening to the jukebox was a victory and an act of defiance for me.

6. What's your favorite thing about Doc Holliday's?

The entire experience of trashy women and men, bartenders who act like they are your best friend and mean it, a rollicking jukebox, cold beer, dancing on the bar, clean paper towels in the men's room, and, of course, last but not least, Joanna.

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